This training program has been created for employees new to purchasing, but is also recommended for operative purchasers without experience in a strategic approach. It combines dynamic presentations, real examples from my professional life and interactive business cases to be worked out by the participants.


This program is not just another training, offering fancy ‘advanced’ purchasing techniques which claim to solve all purchasing challenges. Nor does it showcase unusual business cases, that may be very interesting, but not what regular purchasers will likely face in their professional life.

The program is a personal project, aimed at sharing how I have come to understand and interpret purchasing, with transparency and competition as the pillars of optimum performance. There are surely other ways to understand purchasing, this is mine. I am not a professional consultant. I am just an experienced purchaser, actively managing a purchasing team in my company, with a love for purchasing who realized the need for this type of training in unexperienced purchasers who were joining my own team.

With this training I offer my knowledge and experience in a real and simple step-by-step approach to regular purchasing, based on a realistic and pragmatic understanding, deep analysis and open communication.

Purchasing skills will be improved for a complete range of purchasing activities, from basic processes such as RfQ and TCO comparison, to more advance activities such as strategy definition and negotiation, cost analysis, target definition and supplier management.

The results have already been shown, with almost 20 years of professional experience managing several teams remotely in different countries.


We will go through all the main processes of purchasing following six separate courses, from the very beginning like purchasing principles and KPI’s, to the final purchasing steps, such as strategy definition and supplier negotiation.

Through these 6 courses you will learn everything you need to know to be a good strategic purchaser. But keep in mind that a good purchaser is not an excellent purchaser. Therefore I also offer an additional course where we will explore excellence: the connection between using your personal strengths, enjoying what you do, and being successful.

The 6 courses are structured in 2 training blocks: STRATEGIC PURCHASING 1 and STRATEGIC PURCHASING 2 each of them with 20 learning hours over the course of two and a half days.

3 COURSES // 20 HOURS // 2,5 DAYS

Strategic Purchasing 2

2. 1 Optimisms & Success // The path to the excellence

  • A short introduction to the human brain.
  • Meaning and basic concepts of happiness & success.
  • 5 key points for success.

In STRATEGIC PURCHASING 1 cover most of the knowledge needed to be a good purchaser. After that, STRATEGIC PURCHASING 2 introduces how to implement this knowledge to generate the right strategy and optimum results during negotiation and sourcing.

The goal of this course is to create a bridge between STRATEGIC PURCHASING 1 and 2. To explain to you what, in addition to purchasing knowledge, is needed to be not just a good purchaser but an excellent purchaser, not just with knowledge but with the right mindset.

During this course I will introduce the already “well-known secret” to bring about outstanding results and new footprints in your material group. This includes five easy to follow key points, which will bring you success, not just in purchasing, but also in your life.

Duration: 4 hours

2. 2 Material strategy // How to go from point A to point B

  • Systematic step by step approach to generate a material group strategy.
  • Creation of competition.
  • Alignment process with a cross functional team.

The goal of this course is to explain how to create competition by defining a proper material strategy, using as a basis the output from the transparency and supplier management activities learnt during STRATEGIC PURCHASING 1.

In this course we will show you a systematic approach to analyse firstly current status and requirements, continuing with the definition of targets by four major areas such as risk management, capacity, supplier performance and potential savings.

In next step you will learn how to define the proper strategy or, in other words, how to generate competition to achieve those targets. I will offer you some important advice that will help you align this strategy with the rest of the stakeholders.

In addition to the explanation, there will be a business case example to support your learning, creating a material strategy from beginning to the end.

Duration: 8 hours

2. 3 Negotiation & Sourcing // The final step to arrive to point B

  • Negotiation preparation.
  • Principle negotiation.
  • Negotiation tactics.
  • Negotiation closure.

The goal of this course is to learn how to optimize negotiation results, often the final step to achieve the targets defined by the material strategy.

In this course I will expose how to prepare a negotiation, the most important step to achieve good results. I also introduce how to behave during the negotiation to optimize the results and chances to finalize an agreement. The course includes how and when to close the agreement, the final step of negotiation, but perhaps the most difficult. You will also learn several negotiation tactics, allowing you to use them, or at least to identify and neutralize them.

This negotiation training is based on principle negotiation, a negotiation approach developed by Harvard University and based on the WIN-WIN principle.

In addition to the explanation, participants will negotiate several business cases to support their learning.

Duration: 8 hours





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